1000 words will never be enough


Beautiful sunset in my neighborhood, Sacre Coeur 3


Me and me newest friend at a hip hop exposé on my friend Elli’s birthday.  He taught me what I should do with my hands while rapping, held my hand during the concert, walked to me the bathroom – what an 8-year-old gentleman


Sacre Coeur vs. Derkle at Stade Demba Diop


Ile de Madeleine off the coast of Dakar – beautiful November morning!


Panorama in the Sahel Desert – starting from the sun and moving towards the moon. Is it day or night right now, you ask? Yes.


Same desert, same time, same camera – started from the moon, moved towards the sun and it’s a whole new world


Lodging for the Festival du Sahel, a weekend-long festival of world music and wonderful people in the desert


Thanksgiving in Dakar!  Many thanks to my school for hosting and great friends with which to share the noms.


Entitled “Come at me, bro”.  Bird reserve in Saint Louis, Senegal. 


Heading to the beach after an awesome night in Saly, Senegal for my friend Jamie’s birthday!

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One thought on “1000 words will never be enough

  1. Never made it to Sennegal, but it’s still on my bucket list. I knew a girl from Senegal when i was an exchange student in Germany. It sounded like a fascinating place. Thanks for sharing.

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