Observations about Koreans Thus Far:

1) They run everywhere.

2) Everyone is dating.

3) There are motorbikes everywhere…and these are immune to traffic laws.

4) Actually, everything is immune to traffic laws.

5) They are obsessed with Frozen.

6) Everybody smokes.

7) Kimchi cures…well, everything.

8) Koreans will push you over and will not apologize.

9) If your friend is blonde, they will stare at you.

10) Anybody who is Asian is about to get spoken to in Korean, even if they are obviously not Korean.

11) NEVER ask a Korean person for directions if you’re on a time table. They will absolutely not be able to help you.

12) They work at weird hours. This information is gathered from the business which my current roommate and I can see from our window.

13) They make weird things cute. For example, this poop-themed cafe.


14) At every protest will arrive trucks and trucks of policemen…doing absolutely nothing.

15) They don’t flush their toilet paper.

17) They spit everywhere, all the time.

18) They don’t have trash cans on the street. Some people come during the day and pick up the trash off the corners.

19) Korean people like to have their bars and motels very close together. When none are available, they make do with what they have. DO NOT use a DVD room for actually watching movies.

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