What Korea Did For Me Today

Today, I ate Taco Bell. The Crunchwrap Supreme is, thankfully, just about the same. The tacos are smaller, though, as are the drinks. And the nachos are…well, there are nachos. Oh! And no Doritos Tacos. 😦


All you can it. Literally all you can it.


This sticker says “Zacpot,” which is hilarious. In the Korean language, the “j” sound is actually just a harder “z” sound, so they romanize it both ways. They just happened to pick kind of the wrong one here.


We visited a flea market (this is Korea, mind you, so it’s called a “free market”) in the Hongdae area. Hongdae (short for Hongik Daehakkyo or Hongik University) is known for its incredible art program, so many of the art students will make handmade trinkets to sell at this market every Saturday. Today was a beautiful day, so my host parents took me to do a little window (or table, as it were) shopping. These hats struck my fancy. I especially like the “Drunken Swag” and “HTML” hats.


There’s live music here all the time.


This restaurant is too good to even exist. Hotdogs…with coffee…with pie??? How did they know?!


And this guy was performing magic tricks for a good part of the afternoon. He was actually really good, and the host parents and I stayed way too long. Good thing we had just bought hotteok. The only problem was, the poor guy couldn’t really speak clearly and was a little on the awkward side. And he ate burning paper so his mouth was bleeding. And his pants were unzipped. Other than that, though, golden.


And here are my host mom and me! It may not look like we are outside of a cool, artsy, fun, folky public restroom, but I assure you that we are.


Hope you enjoyed!

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