Spring has Sprung

Spring has sprung here in Ireland which means the grass has gotten greener and the flowers are in full bloom! Yesterday the sun was out all day and the temperature was up to almost 60 degrees. I know that doesn’t sound warm but in a country where the warmest it gets is usually about 70 degress, yesterday was a fantastic day. Also, the clocks were pushed forward this past weekend, which means it is lighter longer. In fact, It doesn’t get dark until after 7pm now. It definitely leads to a happier Ireland.


Image Sunset yesterday

The past few weeks have been crazy busy with traveling and schoolwork. I have celebrated St. Patricks day in Dublin, traveled to Scotland, the Cliffs of Moher, and the Netherlands; all of which were absolutely amazing. 

To start off, St. Patricks day in Dublin was very exciting. The streets were extremely packed and full of green. We had the opportunity to see the parade, which was a lot different then I thought it was going to be. There were no Irish dancers, no classic Irish music and lots of random things that I didn’t understand. I should have brushed up on my Irish history well before the parade but luckily my friends and I were standing next to an Irish family who explained everything to us. There were a lot of artists who were involved in the parade and the different floats, costumes and props were really cool. What was also very interesting was that they had a couple of American marching bands such as LSU’s band, University of Illinois band, and a couple of American high school bands. The coolest band was actually a German band. 

ImageEveryone lined up for the parade! 


ImageThe only pipers and they were bag pipes, not Irish pipes. 


ImageImageThis section of the parade was for the anniversary of a huge viking battle that occurred just outside of Dublin. 




After the parade, we listened to some live Irish music and checked out all of the different pubs, which every pub in Dublin was packed. It was a really fun experience but definitely exhausting. If Dublin wasn’t such a popular place to celebrate and mark off of my bucket list, I probably would have gone to a smaller town on the west coast. My roommates were telling me that the celebration in Ireland was busy but a little bit less touristy. 

Traveling through Europe has been very cool and stressful. Ryanair is one of the cheap airlines here in Ireland, but they have very strict policies. I am always worried about my bag being too big, or not getting to the gate on time (which my friends and I almost missed our flight to Scotland). I have been very lucky with the opportunities to travel and have two more trips planned before I head back to the states. Other than that, the life abroad is amazing. It is going way too fast, though. 

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